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Dr. Liliana Alvarez,

Director, i-Mobile Driving Research Lab London

Dr. Liliana Alvarez is an Assistant Professor in the School of Occupational Therapy at Western University, Canada. She received her Occupational Therapy degree in Colombia where she also obtained an MSc in Biomedical Sciences. She completed her PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Alberta, Canada, and her Postdoctoral Fellowship at Western University’s School of Occupational Therapy.


Her program of research examines the road safety, driving, and community mobility challenges of at-risk populations across the life span, and the development of innovative solutions to overcome them. In the i-Mobile lab she has worked with many students in the past and continues to work with many inspiring current students every day. With a background in occupational therapy and as a dual citizen of Colombia and Canada, Dr. Alvarez brings an occupational lens into her work and is passionate about the diverse ways in which people across the world navigate their communities.


Dr. Alvarez currently serves as the Programme Coordinator- Research for the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT; 2018-2022), and is also the Principal Delegate of Colombia, her home country, to the WFOT.


Her husband is from Quebec, and together they call London, Ontario home.

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