Cannabis and Driving among youth: Establishing Risk Profiles in Ontario

This project explored the perception, knowledge, and attitudes of young Ontario drivers around driving under the influence of cannabis. Through an Ontario-wide survey, and two focus groups, the project established he preliminary DUIC risk profiles of young drivers in Ontario.

Hazard anticipation interventions for young drivers: A Delphi study

This Delphi study aimed to achieve consensus among driving and transportations

experts regarding the characteristics of hazard anticipation interventions for young drivers, that would enhance their acceptability and uptake.

i-DARE: Driving App Research for the Empowerment of Young Drivers

Funded by Hotpathz, Inc. this study investigated the feasibility and preliminary efficacy of the DriveFocus app on the simulated driving performance of young drivers. This project was further extended with funding from Western University, to identify the acceptability of the intervention among participating youth.

Driving and Multiple Sclerosis: Clinical determinants of driving performance

People living Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can experience a variety of symptoms that may impact their fitness to drive. In order to develop and provide adequate screenings and supports, this project aimed to identify the clinical determinants of simulated driving performance in drivers with MS.