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The iMobile Driving Research Lab places great importance on the perspectives of young people. We've developed a Youth Collaborative Board, which foregrounds the voices of youth across multiple initiatives. Our Board prioritizes collaboration among members and seeks their active involvement throughout the research process. Members play a significant role in several aspects, including formulating the data collection approach, analyzing data, interpreting findings, and disseminating results. 

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Ngozi Udeh is a goal-driven undergraduate student at Carleton University, pursuing a degree in Cognitive Science. She has a keen interest in understanding how the brain acquires and processes information, and is always looking for opportunities to expand her knowledge and develop her skills. Ngozi is highly motivated to participate in research that can make a meaningful impact and welcomes the opportunity to contribute to and learn from projects like the #DontDriveHigh research project led by Dr. Liliana Alvarez.


Hi everyone! My name is Keana, and I am a third year Exercise and Health Physiology student at the University of Calgary. I grew up in Red Deer, Alberta, and I am passionate about everything related to physical and mental wellness, sports, and the car scene. My goal is to pursue Pediatric medicine as I love working with kids!

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Alyssa Wellar is finishing up her 2nd year as a Bachelor of Science Student pursuing an Honours Specialization in Kinesiology. Growing up, Alyssa was a multi-sport athlete with a focus on both Ice Hockey and Volleyball. Her love for sports and her desire to pursue a career in the medical field led her to choose Kinesiology for her undergraduate degree. Her love for travelling and desire to help others has led her to join many Global initiatives including helping educate youth and teaching English around the world. In her free time, she loves going on runs, trying out new recipes in the kitchen and spending time with her friends and family. Having moved away from home for her undergraduate degree, she hopes to pursue her medical degree, specializing in Pediatrics, back home in beautiful BC.


Javairia is completing an MPH with a specialization in Health Promotion at the University of Alberta. Previously, she obtained a BSc in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary where she developed a keen interest in the social determinants of health. She is excited to bring her background in public health to the lab. She is passionate about taking a harm reduction approach that mitigates risks associated with cannabis use and contributes towards improved road safety. In her free time, Javairia enjoys exploring new restaurants, painting, and watching true crime documentaries.

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Hello, my name is Mason Hiscock. I am 18 years old and go to school at Sheridan college. I am in my first year and am currently studying Advertising and marketing. I was born in Mississauga Ontario and enjoy playing sports, traveling, and learning new things.

Elim Sly

Elim is a commercial film director from Haida Gwaii, an archipelago flung far out in Canada's North Pacific; temperate, though volatile and very much removed from mainland Canada, it belongs to the Haida. In his early career he worked largely with indigenous governing bodies and band councils in British Columbia. This often touched on issues of environmental conservation and education in remote locations and for minority communities. Since shifting to more commercial work Elim has directed projects in Mexico, and West and Eastern Europe.

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